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Reprogram is a side scrolling tactical game where timing is as important as positioning. You control the characters by assigning commands that will be performed simultaneously during a turn. That way, you'll have to learn the enemy's behaviour and think ahead when creating a strategy.

The story is about four guys trapped inside a truck with a bomb hidden somewhere, they are also being chased by terrorists for a reason they don't know, but fortunately, whoever put them there gave them a marked map and remote controlled robots to help protect themselves. Throughout the game, they will try to find a way to get out of the truck, escape the terrorists, discover who put them there, reach the marked location and deal with each other.


  • 90+ different moves unique to each robot
  • Lots of items and equipments
  • Cutscenes between battles that can be skipped
  • Each enemy has its own unique behaviour
  • 30+ battles


  • Esc - Menu
  • F1 - Guide
  • Tab - Show controls
  • Q - Enter View Mode
  • W - Enter Status Mode
  • E - Enter Item Mode
  • R - Enter Equipment Mode
  • T - Enter Command Mode

During View Mode:

  • A - Move camera to the left
  • S - Move camera down
  • D - Move camera up
  • F - Move camera to the right
  • G - Toggle grid

During Status Mode:

  • W - Show/hide status of all robots
  • Numeric keys - Show/hide status of a selected robot

During Item Mode:

  • Numeric keys - Show/hide items of a selected robot
  • LMB - Show info of a selected item

During Equipment Mode:

  • R - Show/hide equipment of all robots
  • Numeric keys - Show/hide equipment of a selected robot
  • LMB - Show info of a selected equipment

During Command Mode:

  • T - Show/hide slots of all robots
  • Numeric keys - Show/hide slots of a selected robot
  • LMB - Select a slot/ select a chip
  • RMB - Removes a chip from a slot/ show info of the selected chip
  • Space - Deselects a slot


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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