A downloadable game for Windows

Reprogram is a side scrolling tactical game where timing is as important as positioning. You control the characters by assigning commands that will be performed simultaneously during a turn. That way, you'll have to think ahead before you create a strategy.

The game is about four guys trapped inside a truck by someone, with a bomb inside while being chased by terrorists, but fortunately, whoever put them there, gave them a marked map and robots to protect themselves. Throughout the game, they will try to find a way to get out of the truck, escape the terrorists, discover who put them there, reach the marked location and deal with each other.

You can vote for Reprogram on Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514093273


  • Esc - Menu
  • F1 - Guide
  • Tab - Show controls
  • Q - Enter View Mode
  • W - Enter Status Mode
  • E - Enter Item Mode
  • R - Enter Equipment Mode
  • T - Enter Command Mode

During View Mode:

  • A - Move camera to the left
  • S - Move camera down
  • D - Move camera up
  • F - Move camera to the right
  • G - Toggle grid

During Status Mode:

  • W - Show/hide status of all robots
  • Numeric keys - Show/hide status of a selected robot

During Item Mode:

  • Numeric keys - Show/hide items of a selected robot
  • LMB - Show info of a selected item

During Equipment Mode:

  • R - Show/hide equipment of all robots
  • Numeric keys - Show/hide equipment of a selected robot
  • LMB - Show info of a selected equipment

During Command Mode:

  • T - Show/hide slots of all robots
  • Numeric keys - Show/hide slots of a selected robot
  • LMB - Select a slot/ select a chip
  • RMB - Removes a chip from a slot/ show info of the selected chip
  • Space - Deselects a slot


Reprogramdemo.zip (52 MB)